Driver Detective vs Advanced Driver Updater

96-boxDriver updating softwares are quite in the market these days and among some famous ones is the driver detective, designed to keep your system updated. Driver detective has all the features required to keep a system updated and to remove the old drivers. It owns a database of 27 million drivers, instantly providing you links for new and latest versions of drivers.  However, as its shortcomings it would be important to mention that it lacks an anti malware scanner. The software is best suited for the home users as it has an easy to use interface with efficient driver updating.
Driver detective is a famous driver updated famous mostly for its easy to use interface. The application has a database of 27 million driver files including a backup and recovery system to keep your old drivers safe during the installation process of new drivers. The application is generally easy to understand and use with guide for each step. The application scans the old and worn out drivers in your system which are reducing the efficiency and speed of your system. It scans the list of old drivers as well as recommends you the new and latest versions of these drivers. The latest versions are directly installed from the company’s site.
The backup and restore system is the most attractive feature as many other software does not include this feature. It keeps your old drivers safe, the ones you need. Moreover, the software is compatible with OEM and third party drivers which mean that the software can work well with both the hardware that you attach with your computer and with the proprietary hardware.
Driver detective and Advanced Driver Updater updates you regularly about the latest releases of the new versions of drivers. It gives you details about the new drivers. Moreover, you have the option of stopping the notifications from coming about some specific drivers if you want to.
Technical and customer support is another most important features expected from such softwares. To understand the software completely the customer support is required sometimes. The technical and customer support of this software is responsive and reliable. You can email them your queries or place a call on the number provided. Other than that there are guides available to solve the general issues regarding the software.
Driver detective scans out the old drivers in your system and updates you about the latest versions immediately. It recommends you with a list of new versions of a specific driver. You can stop the updates and scan for some specific drivers. It has a large database of 27 million files. It improves the speed and performance of your system. Last but not the least it has an easy to use interface.
The software does not have a scan scheduler and lacks an anti malware scanner.
The Verdict:
The software overall includes all the features required for updating your system’s drivers. The large database of 27 million drivers provides you access to new and latest releases. It improves the performance and speed of your system. It is overall a great value for money.